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The Zamorak brew flask is a potion flask containing six doses of zamorak brew. It is created by using zamorak brew potions on a potion flask. Zamorak brews temporarily raise Attack by 20% +2, and Strength by 12% + 2. It also temporarily lowers Defence by 10% + 2 and remaining Life Points by 12% (all numbers rounded down).

To decant the potion into the flask, one must have at least 6 doses of zamorak brew in their inventory, as well as one or more potion flasks. Using the flask on the potion will open a menu to decant them. Flasks can also be decanted in bulk by Teplin Macagan, Bob Barter, Rhobert Dail, Rhodri Dail, Teplin Macagan and War. They offer the option to decant vials into flasks, flasks back into vials, and flasks into flasks (combining doses); flasks are not returned from the latter two options.

Once a flask is filled with a potion, it cannot be refilled from a vial. After all six doses have been consumed, the flask will shatter and disappear. Flasks can be combined together, but the empty flasks will still be destroyed afterwards.

Only the six-dose potion is tradeable. If the full, 6-dosed version of this potion is consumed, each dose would cost about 2,295 coins.

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