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Zamorak arrows are a possible clue scroll reward from any level clue scroll. They were released on 4 August 2010. After being shot, they will disappear, meaning that they cannot be retrieved with Ava's Accumulator. This is useful for players who do not wish to use the accumulator, since it eliminates the need to pick up arrows, although wearing the accumulator will still give its ranged bonus. They can be fired from any standard bow, like most arrows.

They have a 1/5 chance of dealing fire damage while using the Zamorak bow's special attack, and a 1/10 chance to do so otherwise. As a Zamorakian item, they will cause Zamorakian followers in the God Wars Dungeon to become tolerant, as well as causing Bandits to become aggressive. Players wishing to use other items when going for God Wars Dungeon bosses (like the Zamorak boss, K'ril Tsutharoth) can choose to keep 1 Zamorak arrow in the quiver and use an armour piece of their preference instead of having to choose from the Zamorak armour pieces thus possibly giving lower stat bonuses (example: the player can change a Zamorak platebody to Bandos chestplate). This does not work when using a Tiranwwn quiver, only when the arrows are directly equipped.

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