Zamorak's hideout

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Zamorak's hideout is found underneath Daemonheim on Floor 61. It can be accessed during and after Dishonour among Thieves by using the communication device. It contains Zamorak, Moia, and Bilrach, as well as a siege beast. The west door of the hideout leads to the Stalker dungeon.

There are four chests within Zamorak's hideout, three of which contain an experience lamp. The chests do not require elite skills (e.g. Invention) to open.

  • The first chest contains an XP lamp (tier 1) with 7,000 experience, and requires level 50 in all skills to obtain (south side, along the east wall right before the wall slants diagonally).
  • The second chest contains an experience XP lamp (tier 2) with 50,000 experience, and requires level 70 in all skills to obtain (east side, in front of the northern lava pit).
  • The third chest contains an XP lamp (tier 3) with 96,000 experience, and requires level 90 in all skills to obtain (behind Zamorak's throne).
  • The fourth chest at the west end contains 5,000 coins, 250 Dungeoneering tokens, and three noted sapphires.

Logging out or switching worlds while in the hideout places the player south of the banker on Daemonheim after logging back in.

Concept art of the door leading to the Stalker dungeon.

During the 2018 Halloween event, Moia was absent from the hideout.

Dungeon info[edit | edit source]

Getting there[edit | edit source]

In order to get there the Communication device from Dishonour among thieves is required to teleport to the hideout. The device can be reclaimed from Moldark in Edgeville if lost.

Note that there is no standard exit from the hideout; you must teleport away when you are finished.

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