Zamorak Magical Institute

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The Zamorak Magical Institute, or "ZMI", is a Zamorakian organisation which specialises in magics and runecrafting. Their main goal seem to be to arm Zamorakian magic specialists with runes and discover the incantation for the teleportation spell to the Rune Essence mine from the Wizards' Tower. Apparently, they have taken possession of the Ourania Cave and the rune altar therein. They also control access to the Abyss as of Operation: Transient and seem to be active in the greater Varrock area. According to Savant, the Temple Knights suspect this organisation responsible for the burning of the Wizards' Tower decades past, as well as a number of other crimes. The former is not true however, as the ZMI was founded after the Tower's burning, as a reaction to Archmage Perien banning Zamorakians from the tower. The ZMI wear red armour and robes, and a certain individual even has Dagon'hai robes.

Some members of ZMI reference themselves as "Zoological Magic Institute", in order to be less suspicious.[1]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Jagex released a Zamorak Hoodie in the Jagex Store emblazoned with "Zamorak Magical Institute". This item has since been discontinued.

References[edit | edit source]

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