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The Yt-MejKot (pronounced yit-mej-kot) is a monster found only in the TzHaar Fight Cave, in the The Elder Kiln quest, and in the Bronze Rush of Blood minigame. It appears first in Wave 15 of the Fight Cave. It resembles a very tall, bulky reptilian creature, armoured in obsidian plates. It only has one form of attack, a slashing melee attack. However, Yt-MejKot also has the ability to heal both its own life points and those of any other monsters around it once the target drops below half health. For this reason, it is ideal to try and kill them over enemies with reasonably high health such as the Ket-Zek if they are in the same wave.

These are large monsters, and are easily blocked by other monsters or the rocks in the cave. Yt-MejKots can rapidly heal themselves whilst in melee range, restoring 1500-3000 life points once roughly every 5 seconds, so it is highly recommended to attack them from a distance with ranged or magic to save time and resources. They can be used to heal on if Guthan's is brought, due to the fact they recover their life points using their ability.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 28 November 2012 (Update):
    • Yt-Mejkot will now heal properly.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the first graphics update of all the Fight Cave monsters, its appearance was similar to a lizard and used a punching attack.
  • Yt-MejKot, in the Tzhaar language, could be translated as "Cold-Mage-Protect" or "Dead-Priest-Save". "Yt" in TzHaar is cold, freeze, or dead. Yt-MejKot looks like a lizard, and lizards are cold blooded. "Mej" means priest or mage. In this case, it's probably a priest as the old examine text is "Holy Reptile...". "Kot" means save or protect. Yt-MejKot heal themselves and other nearby Fight Caves creatures, so they are protecting and saving them.
  • Ava's attractor, along with Ava's accumulator, have effect on this monster. However, this monster uses 4x4 tiles so finding the right spot where Ava's device will work requires some experience.
  • They seem to heal themselves every 2 attacks they use, but this tends to occur only when meleeing them or standing very close to them.
  • They previously had the examine text of "Holy reptile."