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Yarra is a nature spirit and a follower of Guthix from the time of the Misthalin–Morytania War. She met Ivandis Seergaze when he wandered into her grotto a few weeks after the blessing of the River Salve, although she had been watching him for some time since he entered the Mort Myre Swamp. Knowing that he was afflicted with vampyrism, she wanted to help Ivandis find a cure before he succumbed to his condition. Ivandis, who felt abandoned by Saradomin, accepted her help.

For the next few months, the duo experimented with various compounds, combining the teachings of Saradomin, Guthix and eventually even Zamorak in order to find a way to reverse vampyrism using a new branch of blood magic dubbed Haemalchemy, eventually creating what would be known as the Guthix balance potion, yet even this was insufficient.

Yarra and Ivandis had begun to theorise on how to concoct a more potent serum using ingredients known to have a stronger effect against vampyres, such as blessed silvthril dust from Ivandis' weapon and the ashes of a Blisterwood tree, but by this point Ivandis had already given up hope. Telling Yarra that he would seek out a Blisterwood tree, Ivandis instead returned to Paterdomus in order to end his life, since he feared that upon becoming wholly vampyric he would end up hurting Yarra, of whom he had grown increasingly fond. What became of her afterwards is unknown.