Yak Track task skip

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Yak Track task skip detail.png

The Yak Track task skip is an item that can be redeemed to get a Yak Track task skip. This consumes the token without a confirmation, and can be done even when a Yak Track event is not active.

Yak Track task skips can be bought during a Yak Track event with bonds. They could also be randomly found during the 2020 Summer Beach Party. If a player has earned and purchased skips, earned skips are used first. Any earned or purchased skips that are not used are kept and carry over to the next Yak Track event.

Bond[edit | edit source]

Players can purchase Yak Track task skips from the event interface using bonds.

Package Bond.png Bond cost GE value Value per token
Yak Track Task Tokens (4) 1 70,272,092 17,568,023
Yak Track Task Tokens (10) 2 140,544,184 14,054,418.4

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 7 June 2021 (Update):
    • Previously, when players tried to purchase the Premier Pass or Yak Track Skips from the Yak To The Light Interface, they were given the message 'This Package is Unavailable.' This has now been fixed.
  • hotfix 27 July 2020 (Update):
    • The chance of receiving a task skip token from training on The Beach has been reduced.