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Yaks are livestock that can be raised and bred at the player-owned farm once unlocked at level 71 Farming, as well level 60 in Construction in order to build the large pens. Yaks can be obtained by breeding, as a rare drop from killing yaks, or by making pack yak pouches. The large pens will need to be unlocked from the Farmers' Market before being able to build the pen. Yaks can be placed in the two large pens (capacity of three animals each) and in the breeding pen (capacity of four animals).

In total there are three different breeds including the shiny sacred yak.

Like all farm animals, they may have up to three traits, which determine their selling price in beans to non-player characters, among other effects, and can be sold on the Grand Exchange in their unchecked form. Once they have been checked, however they may only be traded directly between players or sold to Prezleek, the yak buyer. Six can be sold each three days.

Yaks eat vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

Perks[edit | edit source]

Placing an elder yak of any breed in a large pen with a farm totem enables the perk "Nigel's Gift", giving a 2% chance of finding a clue scroll when checking the health of, or picking the last crop from, a farming patch. If this is done in two pens, the chance if increased to 2.5%.

Yak breeds[edit | edit source]

There are three yak breeds in the breeding log.

Breed Obtaining[b 1] Produce[b 2] Produce GE price
Fremennik yak.png: RS3 Inventory image of Fremennik yakFremennik yak
  • Rare drop from killing yaks
  • Breeding
Yak-hide (581)
2 × Hair (85)
Spirit yak.png: RS3 Inventory image of Spirit yakSpirit yak Yak-hide (581)
2 × Hair (85)
2 × Yak tuft (129)
Sacred yak.png: In-game image of sacred yak Sacred yak (shiny)
  • Successfully breeding a shiny yak (chances can be increased with the Sparkling, Glistening, and/or Radiant traits)
2 × Yak tuft (129)
Sealed clue scroll (not traded in GE)
  1. ^ Not including trading with other players
  2. ^ Yield per growth stage

Animal stats[edit | edit source]

Farming level 71
Pen size Large
Eats Vegetables, fruits, flowers
Produce Varies between breeds
Muck Manure and green manure
Breeding cycle
(max cycle)
6.67 hours (33.35 hours)
Breeding success chance (%) 60%
Growth time
Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 13.43 hours 24.03 hours 29.73 hours
Growth check Farming XP
Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 13,000 22,750 29,250
Cured disease Farming XP
Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 650 1,137.5 292.5
Base sell price in beans
Egg Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
N/A 150 750 638 525
Buyer Prezleek chathead.png: Chat head image of PrezleekPrezleek (yak buyer)
Last spawn(wrong?) September 15 2019 00:00 UTC ago
Next spawn(wrong?) September 18 2019 00:00 UTC

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Main article: Farming achievements
  • Barooooo! (RuneScore.png 10) – Adopt a baby yak.
  • You Had a Yak (RuneScore.png 0) – Complete all yak breeds.
  • Yaksworn (RuneScore.png 0) – Successfully breed a yak with the Ravensworn trait.

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