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The XP cache was an item given to players who had played at least 10 hours of DarkScape prior to its closure announcement on 29 February 2016. It acted similar to a prismatic lamp; clicking on the item would bring up the skill selection interface, allowing you to obtain experience only on your chosen skills.

The XP cache contained experience that was equal to half of each of your skills in DarkScape that had at least 20,000 experience. Skills that had experience below this number were greyed out in the interface.

It was possible for an Ironman account to receive the XP cache, but they could not use the item and it would recommend asking Mr Ex to remove their Ironman status if they really wish to receive the experience.

Before a hidden update, free-to-play players or players who were in a free-to-play world who tried to claim their experience on pay-to-play skills would not receive them past level 5 (388 experience) due to the experience caps on free-to-play worlds. After the update, this was prevented by a warning dialogue and players who were affected had their experience refunded back to the cache.

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