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Wyvern bonemeal is an item that can be used to train Prayer at the Ectofuntus. To create the bonemeal, players must grind wyvern bones on the top floor by dropping them in the hopper and turning the valve (giving 1 experience in the process). The player can then empty the bin to receive the bonemeal. The bonemeal will automatically be put in a pot, it is not required to bring your own.

Combined with a bucket of slime, it can be used to worship the Ectofuntus, giving 4 times the normal Prayer experience, as well as 5 ecto-tokens. No pots or buckets are returned when doing so.

After completing the medium Morytania achievements, 13 wyvern bonemeal (as well as 13 buckets of slime) can be obtained daily by giving unnoted wyvern bones to Robin in Port Phasmatys. This increases to 26 after completing the hard achievements, and 39 after completing the elite achievements.

Wyvern bonemeal is also used as an ingredient in creating super prayer potions, however it is not advised as creating ground wyvern bones is faster. Super prayer potions grant 270 Herblore experience and Level 94 Herblore is required.

Prayer info[edit | edit source]

Cost and XP analysis[edit | edit source]

Bury Gilded altar[a 1],
Chaos Temple, or
burying with powder of burials
Ectofuntus Cremation
XP 50 175 200 225 (Total) 125 (Prayer) + 100 (FM)
GP/XP −272.3 −77.8 −68.1 −60.5 (Total) −108.9 (Prayer) or −136.1 (FM)
  1. ^ This table assumes that two burners are lit while using the gilded altar, and excludes the cost of clean marrentill.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Wyvern bonemeal weighs 0.5 kg, unlike every other type of bonemeal which weighs 1.5 kg.