World Gate (echo)

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World Gate is one of the echoes of Guthix that can be displayed atop an echo plinth at the Memorial to Guthix. Players can interact with the echo to read about Guthix's memory.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:World Gate (echo).
  • Guthix: I had broken the Blade, and for all my effort I could not repair the damage I had wrought. Malicious entities poured forth from the pierced void in a torrential swarm. I enlisted allies to stem the tide, and grieved for each that fell before their fangs and tentacles. I was reminded of something Saradomin once told me...that he has never desired war, but we must fight to preserve peace. If we do not stand before the swarm, it will consume us. 'Some must die so all can live. Sacrifices must be made for the greater good.' Now those I swore to protect die in my name. They suffer for my mistake. It is a painful lesson, the kind of knowledge that forever changes one's ideals. I am finally beginning to understand the necessity of what happened on Naragun. My destruction of the Blade brought an abrupt end to my lone exploration of the cosmos, but I had a new purpose. By manipulating the stone of power I found on Gielinor, I moulded many of the broken Blade's fragments into gateways, portals through which mortal life could travel to my perfect world and share in its beauty. I also established a World Gate on Zanaris, but it is prone to instability, its power peaking and ebbing. I have yet to determine the cause. Could it be connected to the nexus of dimensional conduits I triggered with the Blade? Or perhaps the fairies' innate ability to teleport between realms, to carry out their seasonal duties, affects other forms of teleportation. I hope it is not a product of outside interference.

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