Wolpertinger zapping

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Wolpertinger zapping was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
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The wolpertinger zapping is part of the NovtumberFest located in the eastern part of the crater. It is led by Wizard Deedit.

The player must start the attraction by talking to Wizard Deedit, or right-clicking him. The player must then choose between zapping light or dark Wolpertingers that spawn in the area from the nearby wolpertinger portal. Zapping one will give Slayer experience while zapping the other will give Summoning experience. You can also change your Zap Mode to switch this around. Record streaks for gaining both kinds of experience are recorded in the interface, up to 1,001 wolpertingers slain or dismissed. The streak is broken by gaining the other type of experience, wandering too far from the area, or logging out of the world.

At 111 Slayer 58.3 Slayer experience is gained for each wolpertinger slain, and at 99 Summoning 19.2 experience is rewarded per wolpertinger dismissed. It is possible to zap a wolpertinger about every 4 seconds on average with moderate efficiency.

There is a confirmation prompt about gaining experience before starting this activity that can be toggled off permanently.

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