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Wizard Shug is an elderly wizard sent by the Wizards' Tower to help restore the Mage Training Arena.[1] The idea was proposed by Archmage Sedridor after another apprentice had been killed, so he sent many wizards, such as Shug and his apprentice Edvin, to oversee the reconstruction of the arena.[1][2]

Wizard Shug had the idea to bring back the rune guardians after seeing the golems in Uzer.[1] They repaired the guardians by using 20 pieces of rune essence and two specially enchanted emeralds, which Shug managed to enchant on their own.[2]

In his youth, he was seemingly well travelled, having travelled to the ruins of Uzer, Nardah and Lunar Isle.[3][4] Nowadays, he spends the majority of his time asleep in his chair on the top floor of the Mage Training Arena.

When the Wizards' Tower held a Towering Feast, wizards from all over Gielinor attended, including Wizard Shug. He appeared at the banquet, asleep in his chair and dreaming about thingummywut.

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References[edit | edit source]

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