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Wizards can be found wandering around within the Runecrafting Guild. All Guild wizards wear blue robes, like other wizards, but have goggles which are unique to the Runecrafting Guild. Since 30 April 2012 one of those wizards is presented at each runecrafting altar. They offer a free teleport to the Runecrafting Guild after players have a short conversation.

These wizards are researching the powers of runestones, and may be used to join to The Great Orb Project minigame. To do this, just click on them, and choose "Join-Game". The wizards will help place the player in the least populated team, either Wizard Acantha's green team, or Wizard Vief's yellow team. One of the wizards can be seen as playing with runes, while the wizard is doing it, you cannot talk with them.

Wizards locations at runecrafting altars[edit | edit source]

Runespan[edit | edit source]

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Several wizards are stationed on the Runespan platforms. They can teleport you back to the Wizards' Tower, taking your runes and essence, or help you locate a yellow-robed wizard at any time. Occasionally, this yellow-robed wizard calls for help, which means that he cannot leave his platform due to a lack of runes. Speak to him to find out which runes he needs and then use these runes on him. He can require up to ten runes, rewarding 2 to 7,524 Runecrafting experience. Experience depends on the type of rune, your level, boosts and if the rune you gave was the one asked for.

The wizards are not necessarily the same for different players. That is, another player's yellow wizard may appear as a regular wizard to you, or vice versa. The wizards also may teleport around every couple of minutes.

For levels under 65 Runecrafting, it's most efficient to give the highest type of rune you can craft regardless of which rune is requested, while levels above 65 Runecrafting should give the type of rune requested for maximum experience.

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