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Witchaven villagers are citizens who live in the town of Witchaven. They play a minor role through the Sea Slug quest series, where the sea slugs invade Witchaven and latch onto the villagrs, changing them physically and controlling their minds. When controlled by sea slugs, the villagers gain a yellow hue to their skin, red eyes, a low tolerance of heat, and will often recite gibberish if spoken to. After the quest series, they are freed from the sea slugs and return to normal.

During Kennith's Concerns, some controlled Witchaven villagers patrol the mines that players must avoid; two must subsequently be dealt with by using their low tolerance of heat against them by putting rubium in the steam vents. After the quest is over, they will no longer appear in the mines.

During Salt in the Wound, some controlled villagers will be encountered outside and in the Slug Citadel, and can bind the player and summon Risen knights if not knocked out.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • They make references to the stars being almost aligned, which is what the Mahjarrat are waiting for.
  • The female villagers wear hats similar to Moonclan hats.
  • Oddly, examining a villager from Kennith's Concerns can reveal them to be female despite having a male appearance. In addition, the female villagers you lure into the church during the quest turn into males after they get locked in.
  • One of the villagers sings "The Shoals of Herring", a ballad based on the life of Sam Larner, a fisherman and folk singer from Winterton-on-Sea, Norfolk, England.