Winter's Eye

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Winter's Eye is a flower special to the Fremennik people and their culture. The flower was important to V, to the point that people thought it was his favourite, ever since he planted it around the cairn he made for his friend Knut, who had died fighting dagannoth with him.[1] After learning this story during Hero's Welcome, the player decorates the stage used to celebrate V's homecoming with the flower. Winter's Eye is also mentioned in The Epic of Bukalla, which is the story of the legendary hero Bukalla's fight and death against the Dagannoth Supreme. In the epic, it is said that Winter's Eye was planted around the graves of Bukalla and the other fallen warriors, so that it may 'watch over them.'[2]

Referenes[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Swensen the Navigator, "Hero's Welcome", RuneScape. "Once, V and his companion Knut were fighting daggermouths in a flooded cavern. V prevailed, obviously, but when he turned he found Knut had been killed defending his back against another wave of the foul creatures. He constructed a cairn for his friend who had sacrificed so much for him, and caused Winter's Eye plants to flower around it. Ever since then people have considered Winter's Eye to be a favourite flower of V's."
  2. ^ The Epic of Bukalla, "The Fremennik Trials", RuneScape. "Winter's Eye, watch over / Bukalla and brothers. / Emissaries employed / to the sleep of the sword. / Liberated from life, / balance bartered with blood."