Window (Hefin Agility Course)

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Window is a shortcut on the Hefin Agility Course.

The window shortcut in the side of the mountain.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

At the end of every lap, two shortcuts have a chance of spawning on the course. The chance of them spawning is increased when the Voice of Seren is active, and both shortcuts may be active at the same time. They disappear as soon as another lap is completed, regardless of whether or not they were used during that lap. If the velocity bar is filled, shortcuts will be used.

  • Window shortcut - The window after the "Traverse Cliff" section is opened, and may be jumped through to skip the "Scale Cathedral" and "Vault Roof" sections, landing right before the "Slide down Zip line" section. No experience is rewarded for the skipped sections.
  • Light creature shortcut - A light creature appears on the roof of the cathedral at the zip line section, and may be used to finish the course. No experience is rewarded for the skipped section, but experience is rewarded for finishing the course.

A chatbox message notifies the player when one appears:

A window shortcut has opened in the Hefin mountain.
A light creature has appeared on the roof of the Hefin cathedral.

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