Willow seed

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Willow seed
Willow seed 1.png Willow seed 2.png Willow seed 3.png Willow seed 4.png Willow seed 5.png
Release6 June 2005 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExaminePlant this in a plantpot of soil to grow a sapling.
Value16 coins
High alch9 coins
Low alch6 coins
On deathReclaimable
Value: 267
Reclaim: 100
Weight0 kg
Grand Exchange
Exchange267 coins (info)
Buy limit100
Advanced data
Item ID5313
LinksMRID • recipe
Willow seed detail.png

A willow seed may be grown into a Willow tree using the Farming skill. Planting it in a plant pot using a trowel will turn it into a Willow seedling, which will turn into a willow sapling when watered. The willow sapling can then be planted in a tree patch. Players must have level 30 Farming to do this.

Once fully grown, use secateurs on the tree to cut willow branches. The tree may be cut down, as usual, granting 67.5 Woodcutting experience points per willow logs. After it is cut down, it will eventually regrow; however, it is also possible to use a spade on the tree stump to cut tree roots, yielding the player some willow roots and make the tree patch available for planting a new tree.

The willow tree will take 4 hours to become fully grown, depending on whether or not the tree becomes diseased in the process of growing. Even if a farmer is paid to watch a tree, it may still become diseased. The farmer will immediately cure the tree, but the tree will take longer to grow.

A Willow seed may be obtained from the Vinesweeper minigame for 1,800 points. It may also be obtained by searching a bird's nest, or by looting Nature implings, and it is also a common reward from the Distractions and Diversions Evil Tree.

Farming[edit | edit source]

Willow Tree
Level required30 Farming
PatchTree patch
Seeds per [?]1
Growth time4h (6 x 40m)
Regrow per itemYes check.svg
Growth potionWoody
Rapid GrowthYes check.svg
Protection of disease [?]
Payment1 × Apples (5).png Apples (5)
SeedWillow seed 5.png Willow seed
SeedlingWillow seedling.png Willow seedling (w)
SaplingWillow sapling.png Willow sapling
PlantWillow Tree
CropWillow branch.png Willow branch
RootWillow roots.png Willow roots
Pot XP1.2 xp
Planting XP25 xp
Checking XP1,456.5 xp
Harvesting XPNo

Growth stages[edit | edit source]

1Willow Tree (stage 1).pngN/AN/A
2Willow Tree (stage 2).pngN/AN/A
3Willow Tree (stage 3).pngN/AN/A
4Willow Tree (stage 4).pngN/AN/A
5Willow Tree (stage 5).pngN/AN/A
6Willow Tree (stage 6).pngN/AN/A
7Willow Tree (grown).pngN/AN/A

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Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Willow seed
Disassembly categorySeeds
Disassembly XP0.9
Item quantity required1
Material count1
Base junk chance  67.0%
Common materials
Organic parts.png Organic parts99/100
Rare materials
Living components.png Living components1/100

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