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Willow is the skilling pet for the Divination skill. It is unlocked by inspecting the Willow pet item, found while training Divination.

Willow can only be obtained by gathering energies from wisps, converting memories and transmuting Senntisten crystals in The Empty Throne Room. Making items with divine energy or gathering from divine locations do not give a chance of receiving Willow. Speaking to Willow allows the player to see some of Guthix's memories.

The chance of any single Divination training action granting the player a Willow pet is determined by the player's Divination level, with the chance continuing to increase at each virtual level and at 200,000,000 experience.

To unlock the 'Halo' version, a Willow Halo appearance token must be redeemed. To activate it, the 'Normal' version must be unlocked.

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