Strategies for WildyWyrm

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This article is a strategy guide for WildyWyrm.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The WildyWyrm is a high-level variant of Lava strykewyrms commonly killed in large groups for its lucrative drops, albeit capped at 17 players per spawn. Although they possess no special drops, they are notable for having a far greater chance of dropping wyrm components than their lesser cousins, albeit capped at one per spawn if rolled on.

These massive strykewyrms rarely appear, with a world server-wide announcement being triggered if the player has opted for WildyWyrm notifications. After spawning, they will roam the north-western Wilderness, in the area surrounding the Lava Maze, but no further south than the Bandit Camp and east of the herb patch. It is relatively rare for a WildyWyrm to stray far from its lessers.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Like all strykewyrms, WildyWyrms travel the Wilderness in mound form, as a large mound. When interacted with, the stomper is given a warning about the incoming fight. If the fight is accepted, the stomper will provoke the WildyWyrm into bursting from the ground and initiate combat. Like their lesser cousins, the WildyWyrm is immune to stun, along with all the other traits strykewyrms have.

The WildyWyrm possesses level 99 offensive stats, sharing the same Defence level as their lesser cousins. However, the affinity drops from 55 to 45, making them more harder to hit. They also recover drained stats very quickly. It also attacks faster, with an attack rate of 3 (every 1.8s).

The WildyWyrm uses both Ranged and Magic:

  • Ranged AoE: the Wyrm will fire a large slow-moving fireball that targets a random spot on the ground, and upon landing the fireball will split into multiple smaller fireballs that will then hit all players in its radius for up to 2,000 damage.
  • Magic fireball: the Wyrm will target a player and fire a small fast-moving fireball. Upon hitting a player, if there are any other players within a small radius then the fireball will spread to one of the nearby players for up to 3-4 players.

WildyWyrms exclusively use their lesser cousins' burrow attack, which reduces the player's current health by 50% and disables overhead protection prayers if caught in the radius. However, they always use this attack, even if no players are in range to be dragged. In addition, they retain their stomp mechanic, but it drains all combat stats by 1 instead of just Defence.

Preparation[edit | edit source]

It is highly recommended to get the Stone of Jas damage buff before fighting the WildyWyrm, since their wander radius means that the player will benefit from some damage boost while fighting them. This can be done by visiting the Glacor Cave with the Fairy Ring code DKQ. It is also highly recommended to get the Bonfire and Spa HP boosts.

Locating the WildyWyrm[edit | edit source]

There are two methods to locate the WildyWyrm:

  1. Using the Wilderness Sword, which will give a direction to the WildyWyrm if one exists on the current world
  2. Opening the World Map, which will show where it is if the WildyWyrm notification is active and one exists on the current world

Killing the WildyWyrm[edit | edit source]

Recommended Gear[edit | edit source]

Hunting the WildyWyrm takes place entirely within fairly deep Wilderness, and as such DO NOT bring anything you are not willing to lose. Most FCs require at least a tier 80 weapon and tier 65 armour.


  • Weapon: Noxious scythe > Superior Vesta's spear
  • Armour: Full Elder Rune


Supreme sharpshooter aura.png
Dinosaurhide cowl.png
Bandos's Book of War.png
Ava's accumulator.png
Amulet of glory (4).png
100Araxyte arrow 5.png
Augmented noxious longbow.png
Dinosaurhide body.png
Off-hand slot.png
Dinosaurhide chaps.png
Royal dragonhide vambraces.png
Royal dragonhide boots.png
Leviathan ring.png
  • Weapon: Noxious longbow > Wyvern crossbow > Royal crossbow
  • Armour: Death lotus equipment > Morrigan's equipment > Dinosaurhide armour > Royal d'hide equipment
  • Greater Dazing Shot.png Greater Dazing Shot unlocked


  • Weapon: Noxious staff > Superior Zuriel's staff
  • Armour: Seasinger's equipment > Ganodermic armour > Superior skeletal armour
  • Additional items: Guthix staff, runes for Vulnerability

All styles:

Elder overload salve (6).pngReplenishment potion (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngPhoenix necklace.pngFury shark.png
Blue blubber jellyfish.pngSailfish.pngSailfish.pngFury shark.png
Blue blubber jellyfish.pngSailfish.pngSailfish.pngFury shark.png
Blue blubber jellyfish.pngSailfish.pngSailfish.pngSearing ashes.png1
Blue blubber jellyfish.pngSailfish.pngSailfish.pngFury shark.png1
Pack mammoth pouch.pngEnhanced Excalibur.pngWilderness sword 4.pngAnti-dragon shield.png
  • Overloads
  • Super restores
  • Wilderness sword
  • A method of teleporting at level 30 wilderness (Wilderness sword 4 / dragonstone jewellery)
  • Leviathan ring
  • Phoenix necklace
  • Extra familiar pouch
  • Bandos godbook

Fill the remaining space in inventory with food and one noted Searing ashes and Fury shark as a placeholder when looting.

Roles[edit | edit source]

The WildyWyrm is different from other bosses in that it does NOT respond to Provoke or Incite; instead, it chooses its targets of attack randomly regardless of threat generated by the player. As such, there is no tanking role; all players must tank a few attacks depending on who the WildyWyrm attacks.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

As the boss does not have any special mechanics to speak of, just use a standard DPS rotation to kill the WildyWyrm as quickly as possible. Some things to note:

  • Since the magic attack deals the most damage, camping Deflect Magic.png: RS3 Inventory image of Deflect MagicDeflect Magic is highly recommended. Advanced players may choose to camp Soul Split.png: RS3 Inventory image of Soul SplitSoul Split and flick protection prayers when an attack may hit them.
  • Since most people in the group will use a 2-handed ranged weapon, having Greater Dazing Shot.png unlocked is helpful as Salt the Wound.png is the strongest threshold available to ranged players after Snap Shot.png when the Wyrm has all 10 stacks of Puncture.
  • The WildyWyrm cannot be attacked when it burrows into the ground. As such, use defensive abilities like Anticipation.png Freedom.png Preparation.png Resonance.png to build adrenaline when in burrows. If done perfectly you should be able to use two defensive abilities every time it burrows and force a lossless autoattack when it surfaces.
  • It will take longer to build to 50% adrenaline to use a thershold ability after using a damage-boosting ultimate since most will not bring a Ring of vigour.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ring of vigourRing of vigour to conserve 10% adrenaline and Limitless.png cannot be used in the Wilderness.
  • With multiple players attacking the WildyWyrm, a good way to deal extra damage is to have the team apply Storm Shards and have players rotate Shatter after reaching max shards.
  • Depending on where the WildyWyrm is at when provoked, it is possible to kill it without having it attack players at all. This is a result of the WildyWyrm traveling to the edge of its wander radius, but is attacked outside of it. Because it cannot move once provoked, and monsters who are attacked outside their wander radius will attempt to retreat even if they possess the range to attack players, it essentially becomes a sitting duck.
  • Some areas the WildyWyrm can travel to may fall under a multi-way combat zone, so it is important to know which areas they are to reduce the chances of getting piled by aggressive players. These areas are usually north of the Lava Maze and the north-western edge of the Wilderness Volcano.

How to hunt in a group[edit | edit source]

Most FCs hunt the WildyWyrm in "waves". This is due to the wyrm's very slow spawn time, and groups are often assembled if they find more than ten active WildyWyrms.

To determine which worlds contain a live WildyWyrm, simply hop to every world and use the Wilderness Sword location option to check if the WildyWyrm is alive on that world. After obtaining the list of worlds with a live wyrm, simply hop to each world and kill them one at a time.