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This article is about the manual that originally informed players about Bounty worlds. For the manual about PvP worlds, see Wilderness manual (PvP worlds).
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The Wilderness manual is a book found by searching bookcases around RuneScape, such as the one in the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of Varrock Palace, in the southern part. It is four pages long and informs players about the Wilderness.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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In the north-east of RuneScape there is a region where players may fight other players. This land is known as the Wilderness.

At the southern edge of the Wilderness, you may only fight players whose combat level is close to your own. As you go further north, you become able to fight players with a wider range of combat levels. this means you might find yourself attacked by players who are considerably stronger than you, so watch out!

If you get killed you will drop everything except your 3 most valuable items. However if you attack another player who hasn't recently attacked you, you may be marked with a skull for 20 minutes; you will drop ALL your items if you die whilst you are skulled. Anything you drop on death will normally be awarded to the player who did most damage against you; your gravestone will not appear in the Wilderness at all.

The Protect Item prayer allows you to keep one extra item of death, so you will keep one item if you use the prayer while you are skulled. On certain game worlds, the Protect item prayer may not be used in the Wilderness!

If you drop items on the floor in the Wilderness, other players will be able to pick them up immediately, so don't drop anything you want to keep.

Bounty worlds manual[edit | edit source]

Before 1 February 2011, this item used to be called the Bounty worlds manual, which was given to players when they first arrived at one of the Bounty Worlds. The manual provided details about Bounty Hunter and Bounty Worlds.

If lost, players could receive another book by talking to the Doomsayer outside the Lumbridge Castle.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Bounty Worlds, like PvP worlds, allow you to fight other players, but only around the Wilderness and Edgeville.

The standard rules of PvP worlds still apply, but there is an extra activity for which you can earn greater rewards: 'Bounty Hunting'

Before we go into the details of that, you'll find that the area south of the Wilderness wall is safe from PvP combat, but north of the wall you can expect danger.

Receiving a bounty target

After you have spend 30 minutes in a dangerous area of the Bounty World, the system will start looking for suitable 'bounty targets' for you. After 60 minutes, the chance of being assigned a target increases further. (Note: you do not have to save all of these minutes in one go, and they are not reset by leaving.) The 'likelihood' of being assigned a target is displayed as a circular target that gradually gains coloured segments as you become more likely to receive a target.

Bounty Hunting

The location of your bounty target will be indicated by an arrow. Beware, however, because your bounty target will also be hunting you, as you will be their target! If you kill your target, you will receive better drops than normal and you'll get an extra hours worth of earning potential towards the drop.

Losing your Target

Once you have been assigned a target, you must not spend more than a total of 10 minutes logged out, or spend more than a total of 10 minutes in a safe area. In either case, you will lose your target and will have to wait another 30–60 minutes for a new one.

If your target does this, however, you will not be penalised, and will be assigned a new target shortly.

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Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 16 April 2013 (Update):
    • The Wilderness Manual now informs players about changing from multi-combat to single way combat.

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