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Wiglaf is a Fremennik chef at the camps in Daemonheim, south-west of the castle. He is cooking food in a pot, hanging over a fire. Every five minutes, the female warrior Estrith will approach Wiglaf and say "Soon we'll be home, eating red meat and combing innards from our hair." then continues on her patrol. Rarely, Wiglaf may respond to her with one of the following remarks:

  • "Don't forget dessert: beer, mead and some more beer."
  • "Aye, you are right there. The meat here is more brown - grey if we're lucky."
  • "No red meat today, Estrith. Seagull nuggets."
  • "Why use a comb when you can use a fork? Eat what you find."
  • "Innards in your hair? I found a finger in the gruel yesterday."
  • "Save those innards, Estrith. They'll do for soup."

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