Whoa, Double Chaos

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Whoa, Double Chaos is an achievement that requires the player to wear a full set of chaos equipment when entering a chaos portal within Infernal Source. Any chaos portal will work. Chaos portals will either teleport the player to another portal across from it or a random portal.

Chaos equipment[edit | edit source]

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Chaos helmet.pngChaos helmet90-----10,356
Chaos body.pngChaos body104-----19,730
Chaos shield.pngChaos shield90-----81,742
Chaos gloves.pngChaos gloves22-----19,530
Chaos boots.pngChaos boots22-----4,599

Six chaos bars are required to make a full outfit. Cosmic gloves, which is made from one cosmic bar, is required to make chaos bars.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The achievement's name is a reference to the Double Rainbow viral video from 2010.