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Not to be confused with White tree fruit.
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The white pearl can be obtained by picking Thorny bushes located on top of White Wolf Mountain, next to a gnome glider.

The White pearl can be eaten, healing 200 life points, and when eaten, a message will say "You eat the White Pearl and spit out the seed when you're done. Mmm, tasty.". The remnants of the fruit will become a White pearl seed. The White pearl seed is needed during the Mountain Daughter quest.

In order to pick the White pearl, the player must be equipped with a set of gloves, excluding these:

The bush with the White pearl.

After the quest this may no longer be picked.

If you try to obtain two, a message says "No need, you already have one of these." If you try to obtain two, using the drop trick, a message will yield "One piece of the White Pearl fruit is enough for you." If you have a seed in your inventory, and you try to pick a fruit, a message reads "You're content with having the seed of the fruit." If you try to get two seeds you will get a message saying "One seed should be enough." You are able to get extras with the use of the Telekinetic Grab spell.

Alternatively, you pick a fruit and eat it, in order to obtain the seed. Then, drop the seed and pick another fruit. You will be able to pick up the seed that you initially dropped (providing you do not eat the newly picked fruit). You may then bank the fruit. And, complete the quest with the seed. This leaves the player post-quest-completion with a single uneaten White Pearl in their possession.

A White Pearl flower was found with Kara-Meir in Betrayal at Falador.

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  • Strangely enough, you can pick the fruit using Skeletal gloves, even though they do not cover the hands.