White Whale

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For the instrumental version, see White Whale (instrumental).

White Whale is a music track immediately unlocked when sailing to Waiko in the Eastern Lands. The song is also featured on The Arc Original Soundtrack, as The White Whale. The lyrics are done by Mod Moltare.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:White Whale.

From beneath
The azure sea
A vision washed
Right over me
A marbled path
Under my feet
Snaking out
Across the beach
Easy walk
Became a run
Took that path
Towards the sun
Grains of sand
Danced and thrummed
As a flame
Upon a drum

There I met
A laughing sage
Narwhal nose
And eyes of flame
"Come," he said,
"My errant son
Your journey
Has just begun
A quest to you
I must impart
A journey to
The ocean's heart"
A wading, go
Call, loud inhale
And beckon you
The white whale

There I stood
The waves defied
A great maw
Opened wide
Shadow fell
And there I lay
Never knowing
Night or day
Could only listen
In the black
Yet somehow I
Became whole
Floating there
In the ocean soul

Tide lapped
My opened eyes
Beheld a beach
Was no surprise
The sage gone
Sun stretched long
Still I heard
The ocean song
When the sun sets
And I close my eyes
Still I hear
The whale's cries
Now when I walk
Never alone
Always the song
Of my ocean home

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