What Does Monster Examine Say About His Combat Level?

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What Does Monster Examine Say About His Combat Level? is an achievement that requires the player to deal over 9,000 damage to Goku the Unrelenting miniboss in the Temple of Aminishi in one hit.

This achievement can be completed in story mode as well as in normal mode.

The most reliable way to get this achievement is to use magic and Vulnerability. If using a tier 90 weapon, overloads, and a high-level prayer for storm shards and Metamorphosis for Storm Shards and Shatter, 4 stacks of storm shards should be enough to do 9,000 damage in one hit. Alternatively, Omnipower can be used after Sunshine, which can also deal enough damage for the achievement. Dominion mines, which will do 10,000 damage in one hit, also work for completing the achievement.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The names of the achievement and the boss it involves reference Toei anime Dragon Ball Z, specifically the English dub of season 1 episode 28, "The Return of Goku", which subsequently spawned a popular internet meme.