Quick guide for What's Mine is Yours

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This quest has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Getting started[edit | edit source]

The weapons[edit | edit source]

Doric and Boric[edit | edit source]

  • Head to the White Knights' Castle and talk to Squire Cerlyn in the west tower on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US].
  • After the cutscene, help Doric and Boric reconcile. Use the following responses:
    • Boric, tell Doric about your graduation.
    • Boric, tell Doric what you thought when Doric sent you away.
    • Boric, tell Doric what you thought of your education.
    • Boric, tell Doric why you wanted to stay here.
    • Boric, tell Doric what you thought of Keldagrim
    • Doric, tell Boric what you thought when Boric was born.
    • Doric, tell Boric why you sent him to Keldagrim.
    • Doric, tell Boric how you felt bringing Boric up alone.
    • Doric, tell Boric what you want Boric's future to be.
    • Doric, tell Boric what you hoped sending him away would teach him.
  • Talk to Doric and agree to take the bars.(Chat 11)
  • Smith the items that were asked for on Doric's anvil.
  • Head downstairs into the basement and mine the rocks blocking the way.
  • Head back upstairs and talk to Doric. (Chat 1)
  • Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

What's Mine Is Yours reward.png
Additional rewards/activities

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

What's Mine is Yours is directly required for the following quests/miniquests: