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Wendy is a companion of the travelling witch Maggie who features in the 2008 Hallowe'en event and the Swept Away quest. She can be found north-west of Draynor Village, where Maggie is.

During the Hallowe'en event, Wendy gave advice on costume items and what they consist of. Wendy herself is capable of certain magical feats as a witch, such as Tele-othering players to Maggie or turning cats purple with sufficient amounts of unguent. She is also friends with Lottie.

Wendy features in the 2016 Easter event, taking a tour of Sliske's chocolate factory as one of the five golden ticket winners. During the event, she briefly became one of Sliske's wights.

Purple cat miniquest[edit | edit source]

After completing Swept Away, Wendy is the starting point for the Purple cat miniquest.

Players will need to complete a puzzle. As a reward, Wendy changes the colour of a pet cat to purple. It is possible to have more than one purple cat, and the puzzle will only need to be completed once.

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