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The Waveworn garb is an override set worn during most of the Davendale Tutorial.

The outfit consists of the following:

  • Waveworn hood (Head Slot)
  • Waveworn jacket (Torso Slot)
  • Waveworn trousers (Legs Slot)
  • Waveworn gloves (Hands Slot)
  • Waveworn boots (Feet Slot)
  • Waveworn cape (Back Slot)

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This outfit was designed to be identical on male and female characters, as the player does not choose their appearance and gender until near the end of the Davendale Tutorial. However, as the outfit was made bulkier to achieve this, it doesn't conform with the masculine and feminine body shapes for player avatars. This in turn means that it doesn't display properly with other equipment or cosmetics, with sheated weapons clipping with the cape, amulets sinking into the chest and the seams between outfit parts like waist size not matching other outfits or equipment. While those issues aren't relevant during the tutorial, as players are unable to change their appearance before completing it, they resulted in the art team deciding not to make it available in the rest of the game in the existing form. Instead, new, slimmer and gendered versions inspired by the original would have to be made, which was esitmated to take a week or two to rig. However as the player avatar rework and other projects took priority at the time, it is unknown when, if ever, this would be worked on.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Mod Stu. How to unlock the Davendale Chyper outfit?. Reddit. 17 June 2021. Mod Stu: "The tricky thing is that this outfit was deliberately designed to be bulky and androgynous. It's fine in the tutorial since we carefully limit what items are available to equip, but the cypher outfit doesn't fit the standard template for male and female avatars. [...] Because this outfit's very padded to disguise the player's appearance, if made available alongside all other customisations, it would have a lot of clipping issues. eg back sheath items would clip through this cape, amulets would be buried in your chest, and so forth. The cypher outfit doesn't conform to the standard male & female body shapes, so it's also not at all suitable for mix and matching, as the seams between segments don't conform to the typical pinch points. [...] To make this outfit available through the Wardrobe would therefore require a male outfit set and a female set to be modeled. The Wardrobe version would use the cypher outfit as an inspiration, but the male & female "waveworn" outfits would inevitably be more slim and gendered in order to comply with clipping limits. Our lead character artist estimated 1-2 weeks of an artist's time to model and rig those outfits. Right now internally and externally our character artists are extremely busy with higher priority projects like the player avatar rework, so I can't give any timescale as to when that resource may become available."