Waterlogged scrap

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Waterlogged scrap detail.png

Waterlogged scrap can be found throughout the Shadow Reef, the third Elite Dungeon. A total of twenty-two appear throughout the dungeon. Each one will fill in a portion of the lore book Umbral Diplomacy.

The ones found in the beginning and end of the third floor of the dungeon require Telekinetic Grab to obtain them.

Inspecting the first one turns it into Umbral Diplomacy and yields the message "These looks to be a collection of journal entries and diplomatic letters. Perhaps there are more lying around." This is followed by "You add the note directly to the collection. There are 21 more to find." The latter message is repeated, with the appropriate number, for each scrap picked up, and they are added to the same book.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Umbral Diplomacy (RuneScore.png 20) – Collect all 22 pages of Umbral Diplomacy in the Shadow Reef (X/22)[sic]

Gallery[edit | edit source]