Water spells

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A player casts Water Surge, a powerful water spell.

Water spells may refer to:

Icon Spell Type Base damage Runes
5 Water Strike Water Strike Strike spell 48 1Water1Air
23 Water Bolt Water Bolt Bolt spell 220 2Water2Air
47 Water Blast Water Blast Blast spell 451 3Water3Air
58 Ice Rush Ice Rush Rush spell 556 1Death3Water
65 Water Wave Water Wave Wave spell 624 4Water4Air
70 Ice Burst Ice Burst Burst spell 672 2Death4Water
77 Sapphire Aurora icon.png Sapphire Aurora Aurora spell 822 1Soul3Water
82 Ice Blitz Ice Blitz Blitz spell 787 1Blood5Water
85 Water Surge Water Surge Surge spell 768 5Water5Air
94 Ice Barrage Ice Barrage Barrage spell 864 2Blood5Water
98 Incite Fear Incite Fear Senntisten spell 940 1Soul2Blood10Water