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The water filtration system is a buildable hotspot in Het's Oasis. It can be built by constructing the pile of junk in the north-eastern corner of Het's Oasis with level 20 Construction.

The water filtration system can be checked for a reward. A new item is added once every 6 to 30 hours.[1] It does not need to be checked regularly, however, as the items accumulate in the system, up to a maximum of 20 items.[1]

Constructing it requires the following items and awards 9,900 Construction experience.

The collection interface

Using a bucket of water on the filtration system completes the Primitive Technology achievement.

Obtaining a pointy tooth is required for completion of the Tooth Fairy achievement.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Selecting the "Clean out" option will open a collection interface. An item will be added once every 6 to 30 hours from the following rewards. It has a maximum of 20 items/spaces.[1] On average, players can expect roughly 1 item every 24 hours (you are guaranteed 1 item after 30 hours).

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