Watchtower Teleport

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This article is about the teleport spell. For the teleport tablet, see Watchtower teleport (item).

Watchtower Teleport is a teleportation spell which requires level 58 Magic, the standard spellbook, and Watchtower to cast. It requires 2 earth runes and 2 law runes to cast, granting 68 experience per cast. It teleports the caster in to the top of the Yanille Watchtower. If the hard Ardougne achievements have been completed, Aleck can change the teleport destination to land within Yanille's walls instead.

In order to unlock the spell, players must read the spell scroll, which is received from the Watchtower Wizard after completing the Watchtower quest.

Casting Watchtower Teleport is a requirement for the hard Ardougne achivement Who Wants to Watch the Watchtower?

Destination[edit | edit source]

Cost[edit | edit source]

2Earth rune.png2Law rune.png994
Combo runes
2Law rune.png2Dust rune.png2,952
2Law rune.png2Mud rune.png2,770
2Law rune.png2Lava rune.png2,822
2Law rune.pngMud battlestaff.png958
2Law rune.pngStaff of earth.png958
2Law rune.pngElemental battlestaff.png958
2Earth rune.png1.8Law rune.pngLaw staff.png898.2
2Law rune.pngMystical staff (75).png958
2Law rune.pngLava battlestaff.png958

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When the ability to change the Watchtower Teleport's destination was released, Yanille portals in a Portal Chamber of the player-owned house were unaffected. This was later fixed.