Warrior (Eulogy for a Forgotten Hero)

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An unnamed warrior was the previous owner of Silverlight, who is featured in The Tales of Wally, a book about the exploits of the hero Wally by his son, Waldo.

While working as a miner in the construction of Varrock Sewers, Wally made a hole in the wall and encountered the warrior fighting moss giants. The warrior threw his sword through the hole and attempted to widen it in order to get through it, but was killed by a moss giant before he managed to make it through. Wally took the warrior's sword, and used it later to successfully banish Delrith.

However, as Reldo criticizes Waldo's writings for being unreliable sources, there is a possibility that the warrior is a production of Waldo's writing and never existed, and that Wally obtained Silverlight through other means.[1]

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