Wardrobe Malfunction Teleport

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Not to be confused with Sky-Jump Teleport, Heroic leap, or Air Rage.

Wardrobe Malfunction Teleport (or just Wardrobe Malfunction on the store website) is a teleport animation override that may be purchased from Solomon's General Store.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This animation references DC Comics' Superman, one of the world's first comic book superheroes.
    • It features his iconic shirt rip to change into his superhero outfit. In popular culture, Superman is often thought to change in a phone booth, even though he rarely did so in his stories and phone booths are increasingly rare in real life.
    • During the animation, the player changes into a generic superhero outfit mimicking the colour scheme of Superman's suit but with white briefs worn on the outside, which the player then removes in embarrassment. This is a reference to how superheroes are often mockingly described as wearing their underwear outside their clothing because of their uniforms' colour patterns, which in turn stems from Superman's design being influenced by real-life wrestlers, boxers, and strongmen fashion at the time.
    • The player also uses Superman's powers of super hearing (to pick up a faraway call of distress) and flight.