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This article is about Bedroom furniture. For other uses, see Wardrobe (disambiguation).

A Wardrobe is a piece of furniture that can be built in the Bedroom of a player-owned house. The lowest-level wardrobe, the shoe box, can be built at level 20 Construction. Players can also flatpack wardrobes at a workbench of appropriate level.

Each wardrobe allows a player to change various aspects of their appearance, such as shoe colour or legging style.

List of Wardrobes[edit | edit source]

Wardrobes Image Level Materials Experience
Shoe box Shoe box (flatpack).png 20 2 Planks, 2 nails 58
Oak drawers Oak drawers (flatpack).png 27 2 Oak planks 120
Oak wardrobe Oak wardrobe (flatpack).png 39 3 Oak planks 180
Teak drawers Teak drawers (flatpack).png 51 2 Teak planks 180
Teak wardrobe Teak wardrobe (flatpack).png 63 3 Teak planks 270
Mahogany wardrobe Mahogany wardrobe (flatpack).png 75 3 Mahogany planks 420
Gilded wardrobe Gilded wardrobe (flatpack).png 87 3 Mahogany planks, 1 gold leaf 720