War against the Dark Wizards

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The war against the Dark Wizards was a series of conflicts against Zamorakian Dark Wizards following the destruction of the Wizards' Tower in the year 70 of the Fifth Age. The Zamorakian wizards had been blamed for the Tower's destruction by one of its survivors: future Archmage Perien. As a result, the Zamorakians were ostracised and came into conflict with other groups. The White Knights opposed the Dark Wizards in this conflict and rose to heightened prominence as a result. The war is supposed by Sir Theodore to have given their cause "impetus and rigtheousness" and to have marked the beginning of heightened religious conflict, particularly against followers of Zamorak such as the Kinshra.[1][2]

In Varrock, the destruction of the Tower caused the Dagon'hai to come into conflict with the rest of the city's citizens and priests of Saradomin. Most of the order were killed in the conflict, but some managed to flee the city and hide in the Tunnel of Chaos. [3]

References[edit | edit source]

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