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Wandering souls can be found wandering during Nomad's Elegy in various locations.

Examines[edit | edit source]

Each wandering soul has its own examine text referencing an NPC the player encountered before on other quests.

  • Cyrisus: "Thanks you for making him a hero he never thought he would become."
  • Clarence: "A soul by the name of Clarence. Seems one foot shorter than others."
  • Duradel: "A lost soul, wistfully remembering his time as a slayer master. His mind occasionally drifts to a lost love."
  • Lumbridge Citizen: "A lost soul, the remnants of one of the many killed in the battle of Lumbridge. Traces of a scar cover its throat."
  • Unknown: "A lost soul, seems to be constantly clawing the air and searching for 'dem top gains'."
  • Orlando Smith: "A lost soul, muttering about Guthix's tomb in a strange accent."
  • Unknown: "A lost soul, perhaps a guard murdered in Falador."
  • Unknown: "A lost soul, muttering about the day of his return drawing near. You wonder what it could mean."
  • Unknown: "A lost soul, it claims to know Armadyl's secret, but it won't tell."
  • Guard: "A lost soul, of guard number 2879748."

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