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A player walking a boss

Walking is an exploitation of game mechanics that can be used to move or lure monsters and stall their attacks.

Process[edit | edit source]

In combat, players and monsters can only attack when their target is on a separate square. When a monster's target is on the same square as them, they will move off the square before attempting to attack. Walking works by constantly forcing this movement, which stalls the attack. Unlike monsters, players can attack and move at the same time. By using keybinds to fire an ability the same moment the mouse is clicked for movement, players can fire an ability in a brief moment when they are recognised as being on a different square without giving the monster a chance to attack.

An update on 12 September 2016 allowed more bosses to directly attack players underneath them, reducing the effectiveness of walking.

Counter measures[edit | edit source]

As walking became more popular, monsters were given the ability to damage players under them. Some anti-walking mechanics also include a stun. These attacks are usually called a "stomp" or "trample".

With the 12 September 2016 update, with walking essentially ineffective against bosses, their countermeasures against players walking them were removed.

Monsters with a basic stomp[edit | edit source]

Monsters with a stun[edit | edit source]

Monsters with other mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Kalphite King - Will heal himself if he cannot attack
  • Commander Zilyana (Hard Mode) - During her second phase, she may summon lightning for every attack. The lightning bounces from tile to tile and deals rapid and heavy damage. 

Monsters that can attack while being walked[edit | edit source]

These NPCs are able to attack while being walked by either instantly using the next special attack in their rotation or by auto attacking while walking.