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This article is about the mysterious entity. For the blessing within Prifddinas, see Voice of Seren.

Vos is a mysterious being related to the Shadow Realm, the mysterious monolith, and/or Erebus who was encountered by the inquisitor Aurelius and tribune Kolton during the Second Age inside a secret chamber hidden within the Shadow Realm of Senntisten.

Aurelius describes it as a whispering voice eminating from a swirling "hole in the Universe" [1] whose "words were starlight" which promised him everything were he to touch the monolith and widen the opening.[2] Aurelius resisted this temptation for a time while his companion Kolton had his mind destroyed by exposure to the shadow energy. Zaros then arrived before Aurelius could succumb to tempation and closed the nearly imperceptibly small opening of the monolith.

Aurelius described Vos's voice as a "beautiful song" and that its demands were "asking for so little".[3] This is similar to Kranon's description of the ritual needed to summon Xau-Tak to Gielinor, which he also likened to beautiful music, and how he made note of the apparent cheapness and costlessness of the ritual.[4] Sliske once wrote a play titled "The Whispering King" that seemingly described the planet Leng, implying a possible link between Vos and Wen, as the title seems to be referring to Vos's whispery voice.[5]

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  • Vos was first hinted at in 2016 within a promotional image for Runemetrics posted by Mod Osborne on Twitter. Above a series of letters containing the first letter of each of the Elder God's names there was a section of Morse code spelling out the word "Vos". [6]
  • By the time of Zaros' downfall, there was a mural in The Empty Throne Room that contained the phrase "ABSCONDITA EST IN ASTRA", which roughly translates from the Infernal language to she is hidden in the stars. Jas' name can be seen in the middle of the mural, but also the letters "V", "O" and "S" can apparently be seen on the sides. The mural can be seen in the Children of Mah quest.

References[edit | edit source]

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    Kerapac objects, of course. As do some of the remaining council. But we've lost too many to fight amongst ourselves. The longer we wait, the more we lose to the great conflict. We simply cannot wait any longer. We must act now. They tell me that it's dark magic. That there is something wrong about it. But they are just upset because the solution comes from faith, not from their science. I ask you, does this ritual require the torture of children? Does it require the sacrifice of sentient life? No. Unlike their science, this ritual is bloodless, this ritual is pure. Just faith and music, what purer indication of merciful intent?"
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