Void knight armour patch

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Void knight armour patch detail.png

Void knight armour patches can be purchased from Void Knights for 200 Void Knight commendation points, where they are used to upgrade regular and Elite Void Knight armour to their superior states.

It can be used on any piece of Void Knight armour or Elite Void Knight armour to raise its stats by 10 levels.

When used on a piece of Void Knight armour, a message is shown saying "You upgrade your <item> to superior <item>." You may use the patches to turn one piece of void armour into superior armour at a time.

Armour tiers[note 1]
Piece Void Superior
elite void
Top 42 52 45 55
Robe 42 52 45 55
Helm 42 52 N/A
Gloves 42 52
Deflector 42 52
  1. ^ The top, robe, and gloves are hybrid, lowering their effective levels by 15. The helms are single-classed so they take no penalty; the deflectors do not have the penalty despite their hybrid class. Elite Void also has a +2 Prayer bonus.

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