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The Void Knights are an order of knights loyal to the god Guthix. They oversee the Pest Control minigame.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A Void Knight

The Void Knights are the main human fighting force of Guthix. Their duty is to maintain the balance that Guthix created in Gielinor. Originally this entailed the occasional assassination, however in recent years creatures from another dimension have broken into Gielinor and occupied many identical islands in the far south. The presence of these creatures upset the balance. So, several Void Knights' Outposts have been established to monitor and close the portals on these islands. However the creatures have become more aggressive and have overrun some of the outposts. The Void Knights are now calling adventurers to help them seal the portals.

History[edit | edit source]

Little is known about the Void Knights prior to their revival by Dracs Melrose except that they were the military extension of the druids in the Third Age. The Void knight book, cowritten by three admirals of the order, chronicles the recent history and tenets of the order. A copy of this book is given to all new squires who join the Void Knights and it forms the basis of their current structure and activities.

In year 20 of the Fifth Age, following the extinction of the Void Knights at an unspecified time in the past, Guthix appeared in a dream to Dracs Melrose. Guthix instructed Melrose to reform the Void Knights and prepare for battle against a threat to the world equilibrium. Melrose rapidly gained followers, and then settled his organisation in the Falador region to wait for the coming threat.

Over the course of the next 70 years, the Void Knights grew in number and political strength until the King of Falador restricted the Order to the Guthixian region of Taverley, despite intervention by both the White Knights and the Kinshra. After a further 50 years, reports came from the southern seas of strange invading beasts, which the Void Knights saw as the threat to equilibrium first identified by Dracs Melrose.

At present, the Void Knights have been in combat with the Pests for 23 years, with no signs of either side gaining an advantage. There has been no known military support from either the White Knights or Kinshra, and the Void Knights have been forced to enlist the aid of mercenaries to hold back the waves of Pests.

In Year 169 of the Fifth Age, a void pest was released onto the mainland. The Void Knights formed an alliance with the Temple Knights to combat the threat, and later with the Kinshra when the Pest Queen was summoned. The brief alliance managed to defeat the Pest Queen and capture the instigator of the events, either executing or imprisoning him.

In the Sixth Age, the Void Knights allied themselves again with the Temple Knights, lending some of their number to form a new order of Abyssal Knights dedicated to fighting the creatures of the Abyss emerging from the Shattered Worlds.

The Outpost[edit | edit source]

A map of the Void Knights' Outpost and Pest Control

The Void Knights' Outpost is currently the only known Void Knight area in Gielinor. It is on this island that they sell normal equipment, lead assaults on the neighbouring islands and exchange commendation points for Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, Constitution and Prayer experience, Void knight equipment, herbs, minerals and seeds. Although Summoning is a combat skill, Void knights do not offer any experience for it. It is encouraged to use the points for equipment.

Pest Control Island[edit | edit source]

The Void Knights discovered the Pest Control Island (as it's named at the moment), just near the Void Knights' Outpost. It contains many pests (refer back to the History section for more information) which passing-by adventurers are taking on as part of Pest Control.

Members[edit | edit source]

Key figures[edit | edit source]

Knights[edit | edit source]

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Quest Series[edit | edit source]

Void Knight Concept art for the quest series

The first quest, Quiet Before the Swarm, was released 24 June 2010. The second quest, A Void Dance, was released 10 August 2010. The minigame Conquest was released 25 August 2010. The third quest, The Void Stares Back, was released 6 October 2010.