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Concept art from the Development Blog.

The Void Knights quest series is a series of three quests. It was first announced 22 April 2010 by Mod Moltare in the development blog, The Void Knights Series: Into the Void.[1]

Quiet Before the Swarm[edit | edit source]

The player finds out that a pest has been released from the Void Knights' Outpost. Commodore Matthias and Captain Tyr ask the player to interview residents of the area. Afterwards, the player finds out the culprit was Jessika, who sympathized with the Pests. The player confronts Jessika, who reveals that she released the Pests. Afterwards, the Commodore arranges an attack of the mainland. The player later finds Void Knight Korasi in a stupor, and through a series of puzzles, reveals that everyone else had been killed by an ambush by Pests and a Mysterious Figure.

A Void Dance[edit | edit source]

The player aids to search for the creature released by Jessika previously. During the investigation, the player meets a number of sick people, along with mysterious burrows and hidden purple goo. Then, with the help of the Temple Knights, a merchant, Ali Ti, is found to sell suspicious Waxwood boxes, with the purple goo inside.

Through treasure trail clues, the players tracks the culprit to be the Black Knights. They make use of a Void leech, which secretes the purple goo. The "foodgoo" can weaken any creature around. It is delivered to different people through Waxwood crates, intentionally to overthrow the White Knights in Falador.

How the Void leech became utilised by Black Knights and why the Temple Knights are involved remain mysterious.

The Void Stares Back[edit | edit source]

The player is given a mission to work undercover with the Black Knights to infiltrate their own store room, where someone had broken in after hacking the security systems.

The player goes through many puzzles and some arms of combat to get through the hacked security systems, before having their cover blown by Lord Daquarius. Sir Tiffy, along with Korasi and Jessika arrive shortly after.

The player finds out that Wizard Grayzag, the mysterious figure from Quiet Before the Swarm, was the one who broke into the Black Knights' store room and has a plan to summon the Pest Queen. After Grayzag kills either Korasi or Jessika (the choice who to save is up to the player), he succeeds in summoning the queen. The player goes through an intense fight to defeat her. After the fight, Wizard Grayzag is either killed or imprisoned (again, the player chooses the outcome) and the quest is completed.

Moral Choices[edit | edit source]

One interesting feature of the quest series is the variety of moral choices the player has the opportunity to make during the second and third quests. These decisions affect which colour of Elite Void Knight armour the player receives at the end of the final quest. The first four decisions take place during A Void Dance; the final two take place during The Void Stares Back.

  • Telling the truth vs. lying to the Port Sarim bar owner
  • Killing the Black Knight guard vs. binding and gagging him
  • Murdering an innocent slave for his key vs. finding another way to unlock the door
  • Setting the innocent Void Leech free vs. killing it
  • Saving Jessika vs. saving Korasi (the other is sacrificed)
  • Torturing Wizard Grayzag vs. interrogating him, imprisoning him for life, or killing him instantly

Armour type reward[edit | edit source]

Void Knight quest series choices that influence armour type given
Korasi's sword.png Armour type
Elite void knight top (guardian).png
Elite void knight top (justiciar).png
Elite void knight top (executioner).png
Situation Choices
Gives +1 Stays neutral Gives -1
Bartender Truth Lie
Doorkeeper Live Kill
Slave Live Kill
Void leech Live Kill
Grayzag Imprisonment Kill Torture & Kill
White Void Temple Black

Note: whether you decide to save either Korasi or Jessica will not influence the type of armour you are awarded.

Level Requirements for the whole series:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to Letters to the Chaos Elemental, Letter 14, "A Canal: The pieces are black and white; like good mysteries they come in fours. But the game is void; there are no Grandmasters here. A temple may sit between the pieces.". The four parts were the first two quests, the Conquest minigame, and the final Grandmaster quest.

References[edit | edit source]

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