Void Knight–Void Pest conflicts

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The Void Knight–Void Pest conflicts include a series of battles between the Void Knights and the Void Pests. The Void Knights was an order founded in the Third Age, but, after the end of the God Wars, their order faded into obscurity until Guthix sent a vision to Dracs Melrose in Year 20 of the Fifth Age to found the order again to prepare for a battle against an unknown threat. The order quietly restored itself over the next 120 years.

Portals Open[edit | edit source]

In Year 149 of the Fifth Age, Wizard Grayzag began experimenting with creating portals to the Void plane in order to prove himself as a powerful mage and summoner. His experiments tore down the barriers between the planes, allowing the Void pests to come to Gielinor.

Scattered reports from sailors in the South Seas reached the Void Knights, prompting them that this was what was described from the vision given to Dracs and set out to face the threat.

Battles on the South Sea Islands[edit | edit source]

Over the next 20 years, the Void Knights fought the Void Pests whenever they arrived on the islands. The Void Knights learned the Portals the Pests came through could be destroyed, but they would need to reach them first.

The Knights developed rituals to allow them to bring down the protective shields around the Portals, at the cost of the Knight performing the ritual to have to be protected at all times.

The Pests had a natural response to protect the portals by constantly sending out many different types of pests to defend the Portals with their own unique abilities and attack the Knights, and some to heal the Portals.

In the constant battles, the Void Knights suffered losses, and resorted to calling for aid from any passing adventurers and offering Commendations and allowing them access to stores of Void Knight equipment, combat training, and other resources.

A Missing Pest and Ambush on the Void Knight's Ship[edit | edit source]

In Year 169, the situation changed. A young researcher, Jessika from the Wizards' Tower and apprentice to Wizard Melville brought a Void leech from one of the battle sites back to the Outpost for study. However, the Leech got loose.

The Void Knights conducted an investigation after their ship and crew went missing except for Commander Korasi. After helping her to regain her memory, everyone learns the ship was attacked by a mysterious figure and 3 Torchers, 2 Shifters, and 2 Defilers, with all hands lost, but Korasi did defeat a Torcher and Shifter.

Afterwards, Jessika is held on the Void Outpost for questioning.

Searching for a Pest[edit | edit source]

Newly promoted Commodore Tyr sends the Adventurer, Captain Korasi, and Jessika to search for the lost Leech.

The trio follow the trail around Port Sarim and Musa Point, before returning with clues and analysis that point to a new plot from someone to use the goo from the Leech for a nefarious purpose. An investigation around Falador revealed a trader Ali Tist had easily come across some puzzle boxes filled with the same goo. They backtracked Ali's trail to discover Kinshra involvement, snuck into the base, and defeated several Black Knight guardians, to find they had captured the Void Leech, to collect it's "foodgoo" and use it as a weapon to weaken Falador. The trio chose to kill or release the Leech before reporting their findings to Sir Tiffy Cashien.

Skirmish at Kinshra Base, Betrayal, and Alliance between the Knightly Orders[edit | edit source]

The adventurer was sent to spy on the Kinshra and discover what they had done with the boxes of "foodgoo". After helping the Black Knights to bypass their own security system, the Black Knights and the adventurer were attacked by a Torcher, a Spinner, a Brawler, and a Shifter. After the short fight, the Pests were defeated. But they discovered that their security systems had been sabotaged.

The adventurer and Black Knights eventually reached the store room for the goo, only to find all of the boxes missing and a portal. Lord Daquarius arrived, but the adventurer's identity was revealed after a brief interrogation. After some discussion over blame for the situation, Korasi, Jessika, and Sir Tiffy teleported in and negotiated a truce and temporary alliance to deal with the greater situation. However, as none of the parties truly trusted each other, the adventurer was nominated as the overall commander for the alliance.

Assault on the Void/Battle at Valluta's Domain[edit | edit source]

The alliance prepared itself and went through the portal in the storeroom and found itself in another chamber, Valluta's domain. Wizard Grayzag revealed himself to be the thief of the "foodgoo", also revealing his connection with the Kinshra. The group attempted to chase after Grayzag, but a force of 9 Splatters, 2 Shifters, 2 Spinners, 3 Ravagers, 2 Defilers, and 2 Torchers arrive to cut off their approach.

Six of the Splatters quickly advanced on the party. The party moved into a side room, but the Splatters' detonation caused a cave-in. Savant teleports in a group of Void Knight elites: 2 Scouts, 2 Foot Soldiers, 1 Knights, 1 Mage, 1 Halberdier, 2 Archers, and 1 Champion. The Adventurer commanded the group using the Commorb to victory. With the way clear, Savant could teleport the group out of the caved in room.

The group caught up with Grayzag, with the Valluta getting drained, and Jessika and Korasi being held hostage. The adventurer was forced to choose which of the two to save, and the survivor set fire to the foodgoo to close the portal. However, the Pest Queen managed to make it through the portal.

The alliance of Knights, led by the adventurer began to attack the Pest Queen in waves as reinforcing Knights slowly came through the portal. The adventurer used Korasi's sword to disrupt the Pest Queen while Black, White, and Void Knights helped to attack the Queen with melee; and Void Archers came in to attack with range. The Queen was not without reinforcements either, as Elite defilers were summoned in to fight the Knights and Archers, and Pest Drones to help heal her. The Void Archers would attack the 10 Drones to prevent the healing, while the adventurer would try to draw the Elite Defilers away from the Archers.

After a long battle, the alliance defeated the Pest Queen.

With the Queen defeated, the party arrests Wizard Grayzag and chose his ultimate fate to be arrested, interrogated, or even executed. With that, the Knight Order Alliance is broken and all groups go their separate ways.

The Void Knights were saddened to learn that even though they had learned the mythical Valluta was real, the damage done by Grayzag was too much for it to fix, and was permanent: the Pests would continue to invade, and so the Void Knights would need to carry on their battle.