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Vodka is a clear spirit that raises strength by three levels at the expense of lowering attack by three when consumed. Drinking it for these stat changes is not advised since strength potions can provide a much larger boost without any side effects.

Vodka is used during Eadgar's Ruse. In the quest, players use vodka on the parrots' drinking water in Ardougne Zoo, along with Pineapple chunks. This is required to obtain a Drunk parrot, an item specific to the quest. It is also an item given by one of the Knights of the Round Table during King's Ransom.

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  • In the Brazilian-Portuguese translation of RuneScape, Vodka was renamed to água tônica, which means soda water. Most if not all other alcoholic beverages were also renamed to non-alcoholic drinks. Its examine text was also altered to match the new name.