Vitruvius's apprentice

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Vitruvius's apprentice is an unnamed character, often referred to as "Idiot". He was the apprentice of the great metallurgist Vitruvius, known for accidentally instilling his entire consciousness into a primed elemental ingot while trying to animate it as a prank. This is what earned him the nickname 'Idiot'. His master Vitruvius attempted to bring him back to life by further study of magical effects on the elemental metal.

Vitruvius first tried to return Idiot to his body by using body magic. He was, however, unsuccessful, and managed only to animate the arm of his apprentice's human body. The arm lashed around violently, tearing at the flesh of the body, so Vitruvius was forced to amputate it.

He next tried to bring the metal itself to life and, using cosmic magic, was able to give Idiot a new metal form. The apprentice continued to assist his master in his newly animated cosmic-metal form, until later accidentally infusing himself with chaos energy, which had negative effects that are as of yet unknown.