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A jade vine in the 5th growth phase, required for this achievement

Vine-detta is an achievement that requires the player to kill the player grown wild jade vine after the Back to my Roots quest.

Plant a jade vine seed and optionally, pay Horacio 10 wildblood hops to protect it. Return to the plant once it is fully grown, and check its health. Do not 'clear' the patch. Instead, the jade vine must be left alone after checking it, for about 3 hours more. After that, it turns wild and becomes a level 72 wild jade vine (which should look like this), which players can kill for 2,500 Slayer experience and 650 Woodcutting experience. Remember to take decent melee weapons (rune or above recommended).

Optionally, a Supreme growth potion (leafy) can be used to instantly grow the the wild jade vine. You must still wait several hours for it to turn wild, however.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This achievement used to be a task prior to the release of the Achievements System on 18 April 2017.