Hard mode strategies for Vindicta

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This article is a hard mode strategy guide for Vindicta.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page. For the normal mode strategy guide, see here.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

As with all other challenge mode generals, Vindicta's health is increased to 300,000 and her strength is further increased. In addition, her Defence level increases from 75 to 80 for phase 1 of the fight; it is unaffected in the second phase.

Gorvek's dragonfire simply deals more damage, from around 900 to 1,500 every tick the player stands in the fire.

The fight generally plays out the same way as it would in normal mode, so phase 2 begins upon reaching half health (150,000).

Upon killing Vindicta for the first time, she will simply fall off and die, but her mount Gorvek will become berserk rather than dying alongside her, essentially "resetting" the fight, as he possesses 300,000 health himself. Gorvek shares the same stats as phase 2 of the fight (85 Defence with 50 affinity and susceptibility to the inquisitor staff). He exclusively uses melee that can hit up to 4,500 damage. However, he attacks much faster, with an attack speed of 10 (1.2 ticks).

Note: If Vindicta is killed just as she was about to fly off, Gorvek will fly off and land in one of the four corners and perform a dragonfire attack. Make sure to move as soon as possible if this happens.

After every 10 attacks, Gorvek will fly up into the air and launch dragonfire at the player's position, before landing in the middle of the room. Despite having "disappeared", the player will still attack at the area Gorvek was at, as his hitbox still remains until he lands in the centre of the room. This repeats until the encounter is finished. Up to three dragonfire walls can be active at any given time.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Health Effect when met or depleted
Vindicta (start) 300,000 N/A
Vindicta (phase) 150,000 Mounts Gorvek
Vindicta (damage cap) 0 Vindicta dies, leaving Gorvek
Gorvek (start) 300,000 N/A
Gorvek (damage cap) 0 Ends encounter

Normal mode strategies can still be applied for phases 1 and 2 of the fight.

Phase 3[edit | edit source]

When Vindicta dies, immediately throw a vulnerability bomb on Gorvek. Gorvek and the player will still be engaged in combat, and it is recommended to start the phase near the center of the arena with a Blackhole damage rotation. By standing near the center, the player will always be within range of Gorvek and not have to run to reach him. Gorvek can still attack the player as he flies to the center, so it's important to avoid taking too much damage. Devotion and Debilitate are very useful in minimising damage during the fight.

Soul Split flicking is possible during this phase, but the player will have to continually flick between it and Deflect Melee rapidly due to Gorvek's attack speed of 2 (1.2 seconds). If possible, use Berserk with Divert and Limitless (incase Gorvek's attack hits very low) and try to kill him as quickly as possible.