Vile blooms (Slayer assignment)

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Slayer Masters[edit source]

The following Slayer Masters assign Vile blooms:

MasterTask amounts
Laniakea chathead.png Laniakea70-110

List of Vile blooms[edit source]

The following monsters count as Vile blooms for Slayer assignments:

 Combat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPLPWeaknessSusceptible to
Lampenflora2161021,331.825,000Fire weakness icon.pnghexhunter
Devil's snare220901,76042,000Fire weakness icon.pnginquisitor
Luminous snaggler224951,53658,000Fire weakness icon.pnghexhunter
Liverworts2281103,33860,000Fire weakness icon.pngterrasaur