Vile blooms

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Concept art for the vile blooms. From left to right: luminous snaggler, lampenflora, liverwort, and devil's snare.

Vile blooms are a group of high-level plant Slayer monsters found on the island of Anachronia, assignable by Laniakea. They all share a weakness to fire spells and generally possess high health, highly damaging attacks, and special attacks.

The monsters under this category are the only ones capable of dropping blast diffusion boots.

There are several monsters under this category:

Vile blooms can drop seeds of themselves that can be grown in fertile soil, instantly spawning a vile bloom that can be fought for three minutes. Player grown vile blooms provide Farming experience, increased Slayer experience, and a higher chance of dropping seeds. [1] Only one vile bloom can be planted in the fertile soil at once.

Vile blooms cannot be passed through, and they serve as actual walls alongside being monsters - this means players cannot use Surge, Escape or Bladed Dive through a vile bloom, or attack under them. Due to this, if a dreadnip is deployed and the player is across one when it respawns, the dreadnip will disappear because it cannot see the player. Generally, this also means if the player stands on a vile bloom's spawn point, the player is automatically pushed out when it respawns.

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